Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DirectPay USA?

DirectPay USA is a New York City innovative payroll company founded in 2005 by a Certified Public Accountant who understood the importance of timely and accurate payroll accounting and tax compliance—yet saw the availability of technology that could dramatically reduce the amount of paper and bookkeeping necessary to process and record payroll.

Will it be hard to get a live person on the phone?

Definitely not! While DirectPay USA will leverage heavily off the technology available to us today, we understand that the human element of care and pride in a job well-done will never be replaced by a computer. Clients will have their own designated account representative to provide full service for all their needs.

Does DirectPay USA take responsibility for late payments on payroll taxes?

Yes. Since DirectPay USA impounds all of the withholdings when the payroll is run, we have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure all taxes are paid on time. As soon as we impound it, the risk for late payments is now off of you and on DirectPay USA.

What if there is an error with the direct deposit—how do I get my employee paid that week?

At DirectPay USA, we understand that we do not live in a perfect world. Perhaps there is a bad account number or an employee’s account gets closed. We have several back-up options to ensure your payroll still gets out. These can range from doing a net calculation and having you cut the check on-site for that employee to having us cut and messenger or overnight a physical check to that employee.

How will I get my payroll reports?

Rather than get piles of payroll reports with hard to read or extraneous data, DirectPay USA has all the information you need on an “on demand” basis. Lost your printout? Not a problem—the reports are stored on a secured server.