Welcome to DirectPay USA.
At DirectPay USA we have combined the most advanced payroll technology with highly trained professionals to become the most progressive payroll company in the United States.  At DirectPay USA, we fully understand the payroll process and have tailored our unique payroll services to achieve our mission:

To provide timely and accurate payroll services that reduce our clients’ time spent on payroll so they may forward their own business goals.

It is with this mission in mind that we have become the first 100% direct deposit payroll company in America.  By survey, the vast majority of employees prefer to receive their paychecks via direct deposit.  This has numerous advantages to the employee, not the least of which is no standing in line at the bank!  For the employer it reduces the already burdensome bookkeeping tasks on its staff, as well as the amount of time necessary to distribute the payroll.  Once the client enters the payroll online via our web-based portal – there is no more administration for payroll until the next week!  Even the reports are available for on-demand download and printing.

However, at DirectPay USA we understand that technology alone is not enough.  Payroll is a dynamic, complicated area of Federal and State tax law.  That is why DirectPay USA’s on staff Certified Public Accountants and highly trained payroll professionals will be there to answer questions and give guidance on payroll issues when needed.  At DirectPay USA we have married technology with knowledge to create the best solution for payroll outsourcing.

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